Year 10 Maths

Course overview

Ainos Education's Mathematics program covers all the topics that forms the foundations of student's mathematical knowledge while enabling students to develop a positive attitude towards mathematics so they can enjoy it. By starting ahead, students are made to feel confident with school work and examinations. Students will develop learn various methods to solve the questions as well as the ability to select the most effective method. Special classes which run each holiday will establish the broad ideas of the VCE curriculum while focusing on certain topics students often struggle with. Such a blended approach maximises students' understanding of concepts for mathematical terms while simultaneously developing the essential skills of problem solving.

Each lesson targets:

• Learn definitions for mathematical terms
• Apply mathematical knowledge to questions
• The ability to analyse problems and select appropriate methods to solve
• Understand the importance of Mathematics

Ainos Educations provides:

• Chapter test at the end of the chapters to assess students if they fully understood the concepts
• Topic test at the end of the term to assess students if they can apply their knowledge into mathematical problems
• Timely feedback on homework, chapter tests and topic tests
• Record of one's progress and areas for improvement

During the year students learn:

Term 1 : Length, Area and Volume, Linear Algebra and Linear relations, Geometry, Indices and Surds
Term 2 : Statistics, Quadratic expressions, Probability, Quadratic graphs
Term 3 :
Trigonometry, Variation and modeling, Consumer mathematics, Year 10 Examination Preparation
Term 4
: Solving Analytical and Applications questions


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