Year 11 VCE Math Methods 1&2

Course overview

Ainos Education's Mathematics program covers all the topics which are vital for Year 12 Mathematical Methods in advance, enable students to be familiar with Year 12 program and have solid base in Mathematics. Students will develop the essential ability to solve mathematical problem by learning and repeatedly practicing various methods to solve the questions by selecting the most effective method. Special classes which run each holiday will establish the broad ideas of the VCE curriculum while focusing on certain topics students often struggle with. Such a blended approach maximises students' understanding of concepts for mathematical terms while simultaneously developing the essential skills of problem solving.

Each lesson targets:

• Learn definitions for mathematical terms
• Apply mathematical knowledge to questions
• The ability to analyse problems and select appropriate methods to solve
• Understand connection between Year 11 and Year 12 Mathematical Methods

Ainos Educations provides:

• Chapter test at the end of the chapters to assess students if they fully understood the concepts
• Topic test at the end of the term to assess students if they can apply their knowledge into mathematical problems
• Timely feedback on homework, chapter tests and topic tests
• Record of one's progress and areas for improvement

During the year students learn:

Term 1 : Linear equations, Matrices, Quadratics function, Hyperbolas, Truncus, Roots and Circles Functions,Domain and Range, Hybrid functions, Transformation, Cubic and Quartic functions, Application of Matrices
Term 2 : Conditional Probability and Markov Chains, Counting Methods, Discrete Probability and Simulation, Exponential and Logarithms, Circular functions
Term 3 :
Rates of change, Differentiation and Integration
Term 4
: Year 11 exam Preparation, Year 12 Headstart


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