Year 12 VCE Physics 3&4

Course overview

Ainos Education Centre Physics program is a flexible, tailor-made program designed to maximise each student's chance of success. The one-on-one program enables the of key areas of weakness in the student's progress to be quickly identified and resolved before they affect performance. The material is covered from both a theoretical and practical perspective allowing an in-depth understanding of the material to be gained as well as the physical intuition required for true mastery of the material.

Each lesson targets that students receive:

• Core theoretical understanding of material.
• Several worked problems and examples illustrated.
• Difficult problems broken down and explained in simpler terms.
• Practical understanding of concepts, including real life demonstrations.
• Exam skills and problem solving methodologies.

Aino Education Centre will provide:

• Course material to cover VCE physics requirements.
• Extra worked examples to consolidate theoretical knowledge.
• Outside class problems to be completed weekly.
• Continuous performance evaluation and assistance with in-class problems.
• Practice exams.




Ainos Course