In-School Tutoring Service

The Ainos In-School Tutoring Service operates on campus at select schools to provide educational support in English, Mathematics and Science subjects.

Class materials are developed to tailored to the school curriculum, and using these, our teachers ensure classes help students attain excellence.The progress of our students is constantly monitored so that they are always improving. As we believe student’s progress must be supported by both their homes and schools, we provide feedback to both parents and schools.

Merits of the Ainos In-school Tutoring Service include:

• Setting apart participating schools from others by having a system that supports student’s excellence.

• Enabling students to receive extra educational support within their schools so they do not have to seek tutors or tuition centres.

• Assisting students with areas for improvement, using our materials that are tailored to each specific school curriculum.

• Through all of the above: improving the overall academic performance of schools.

We at Ainos work with schools so our students excel.