Students Testimonials

Our students are the core of Ainos education centre. Both present and past students contribute much positive energy to Ainos, and help establish a community devoted to progress and improvement.

We take pride in our students, who excel and the majority of which achieve an ATAR score over 95.

Joon Hyuk Chang

Melbourne High School

Methods and Specialist Mathematics course at Ainos will guide you to success. Over the year, not only was I able to consolidate my understanding of the key concepts and ideas, I came out totally prepared for the SACs and exams through being exposed to numerous challenging questions. Cream of the crop is the exceptional tutors. They are professional, highly competent and the rapport you create with them will last beyond the school years. It has been a blissful year for me. Mathematics at Ainos is simply outstanding.



Kate Weon

MacKillop Catholic College

First of all, I would like to give all the teachers at Ainos Education Centre a huge thank you! The staff here were gregarious and well-prepared, engaging in conversation while maintaining the task at hand. Unlike other institutes, Ainos had a more personalized approach, which made me feel as though I was always the top priority. With their profound knowledge and dedication, my classmates and I were able to obtain confidence and achieve high results. So, you don’t have to stress out studying alone! There are competent teachers and classmates here to give you a hand so you can reach your maximum potential. I would recommend AINOS to anyone considering it to: GO AHEAD!



Irene Kim

Korowa Anglican Girls’ School

To start with, I want to give a thank you to all the teachers and staff at Ainos Education Centre. They have not only assisted me in studies but also with settling down in Melbourne. When I was struggling to settle down in Melbourne, teachers, with their experience and sincerity, gave me courage and advice. With their assistance, I am living a wonderful life in Melbourne now.
What’s more, teachers at Ainos are knowledgeable and approachable, making the classes effective and interesting. They are always prepared to assists students and are patient with students, making students to feel free to ask any questions and be confident. Also, students at Ainos themselves desire to learn and group and so encourage it in their students. This creates a great studying environment which makes us grow, learn and share! . Ainos has definitely helped me to achieve my maximum potential and academic goals. Thank you!


Daeyub Cho

Brighton Grammar School

I studied with Ernest, in the Mathematics course at Ainos. The course he planned for year 12 maths was well structured and high in quality, always allowing me to see my progress and eventually helping me achieve a high VCE score He always taught using simple terms to making us understand easier. Whenever I had trouble with questions or theory, he made another time to go through the problem, and was dedicated enough to repeat it as much as it took for me to fully understand and master it. He was also friendly to us. I can't remember a time I was bored in his class. He was even dedicated enough to meet us outside of the classes :I had lots of fun with him. Thanks AINOS!

Ji hyeon Lee

Carey Baptist Grammar School

I can surely tell you that Ainos has the best learning environments that I have experience. Although I have not learnt at Ainos for many years like other students, I experienced amazing improvements in my ESL in a very short time. I especially enjoyed the 1:1 ESL classes as I could clearly realize and improve on my weaknesses. The teachers are very passionate, rich in knowledge which are utilised in many ways to help us. As well as this they provide us with plenty of information on the VCE so we know where we are always going. I really see Ainos as the BEST education centre that we can choose. I recommend it to anyone.


Kyung Eun Lee

Firbank Grammar School

I studied the Mathematics course at Ainos. The benefit I got from his classs was that I became well prepared for the exams.Most people around me struggled to do exam papers under exam conditions, due to the complexty of the problems and the stressful time constrains But thanks to my tutor, I could finish the exams with confidence. Prior to the actual exam, my tutor ran several mock exams under strict exam conditions. This preparation helped me a lot as I could learn how to manage my time wisely in exams and minimise the mistakes. He also ran special revision classes before the exam where he recapped the important concepts of the course. I found the classes very useful as I could ask about things that I was unsure and confused of and it provided a good, clear summary as well. Ernest was a supportive and caring tutor who was willing to help students at any time.


Won Kyung Han

St. Michael’s Grammar School

I went to get help for ESL. I studied there for about two years and my ESL marks improved substantially. Ainos not only helped me to do well in ESL, but also in other subjects such as Chemistry and Maths. Essentially studying there enabled me to compete with other students from other school, and this helped me a lot as they provoked me to study harder and learn from them. Thus studying at Ainos and receiving the benefits of this synergy effect, was a great experience and reflected positively on my VCE result. I would not still, and in the past could not hesitate recommending Ainos to my struggling peer, who also enjoyed studying at Ainos.




Astrid Kim

Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School

I got great help with ESL in Ainos. My year 11 and 12 doing VCE was very challenging in Australia, especially with essay writing in ESL. Since I was not a native speaker of English and was not a good writer in Korean as well, I was unclear with how to improve my writing skills with English. Studying with Ainos provided the most efficient learning with the help of a high skilled native speaking tutor. This has enhanced my understanding in class as well as my writing skills in ESL. Ainos is like a comfortable home since the teachers and the learning environments are very friendly. I certainly value the time that I have spent in Ainos.


Sooyoung Cho

Methodist Ladies’ College

Being taught by Ernest through the Mathematics course at Ainos was the most challenging experiences I've had but was altogether a pleasing one. Mathematics at Ainos has substantially increased my level of mathematical understanding, as well as my ability to approach and solve problem that take numerous and complex forms. Throughout the year, the logically structured Mathematics course prepared me well for the final exam, and it really allowed me to achieve a satisfying Maths Methods study score, which contributed to my overall ATAR score. Mathematics at Ainos was fun and effectively helped create a pleasing VCE achievement.


James Cho

Northcote Secondary College

“ Back in year 11, I did not have much knowledge about VCE exam as well as universities in Melbourne since I was an international student. It didn't take a long time to adapt myself into new learning environment at Ainos, which was warm, and encouraging. Ainos has the most supportive, and experienced teachers with the most thorough curriculums I have ever come across. Teachers were tremendously passionate about their teaching and they loved sharing knowledge with us. My time at Ainos was very enjoyable and I would highly recommend Ainos to anyone who is motivated and ready to achieve their goal”



Joe Yang

Hawthorn Secondary College

Ainos is a very special tuition college. It helped me a lot in improving my ESL. At Ainos the teachers are highly knowledgeable, they plan a special class for each student, and because they know what kind of help each student needs, the tuition is very effective in an individualised manner. Ainos also has workshops which is super helpful, because when students do their study inside the workshop friendly teachers are always by your side, ready and pleased to help you. Ainos has helped me to achieve my university dream! Thank you AINOS !