The Ainos Approach for VCE SUCCESS in Five STEPS

1. A structured and systemic Educational Centre

•    Ainos classes are organized so classes match the student's abilities.
•    Class materials are of the Highest quality, constantly evolving to be current and of exceptional quality.
•    Ainos staff are educated, to ensure a consistent standard of excellence.

2. Professional Education

•    Lessons are designed for understanding of theory and the building of interest.
•    Our curriculum is planned for the whole year always looking ahead.
•    Our lessons and curriculum is specifically designed to maximise VCE success.

3. VCE Guidance

•    Ainos provides 1:1 pathways mentoring to establish and guide student's goals.
•    VCE Seminars ensure students are informed on VCE requirements and standards.

4. Continual Feedback

•    Tests, Reports and Estimated VCE scores identify student progress in accordance with VCE standards, while identifying strengths and weaknesses.
•    Students progress is monitored so lessons are modified to suit their individual progress.

5. Small groups for Quality Classes

•    Small classes ensure time for questioning.
•    Assigning classes according to students’ abilities allow for a synergy effect and a competitive environment.


Ainos Course