Year 9 Science

Course overview

Ainos Education Centre's science programs offer specialized weekly tuition class (one-on-one/group sessions) that are designed to ensure that students reach their full academic potential. Year 9-10 science programs provide students with excellent achievements in a wide range of school based assessments and external testing of the knowledge outcomes learnt in year 9 and 10. These programs would establish the foundations for further studies in science and students would have a significant advantage in VCE Chemistry/Biology and Physics.

Each lesson targets that students receive:

Detailed instructions that reviews and reinforces concepts that are taught at schools.

Substantial notes that include explanations, fully worked examples and take home practice questions. The questions would become progressively more difficult as students master the more challenging concepts of the units.

Exposure to highly probable examination questions.

Personalised instructions in examination techniques and problem solving strategies, with significant emphasis on examination tricks, common student pitfalls and errors.

Motivation and support

Aino Education Centre will provide:

Weekly theory notes that covers all the contents in detail

Topic tests which allow students to practice their problem solving skills and assess their progress

Timely feedback (through record of one’s progress and areas for improvements)

Additional help with homework

Additional help with their school work (Assignments and Practical activities). The students are always encouraged to seek further assistance with school work and to clarify conceptual difficulties.


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