Year 12 VCE ESL 3&4

Course overview

Ainos Education Centre's YR 12 ESL program is individualised to suits each student's needs. Flexible ONE TO ONE LESSONS enable in-depth understanding of school texts, remedy of weaknesses particularly expression, and consolidation of each student's unique writing style to ensure student success. Small group workshops that run each term, hone students in base knowledge and skills needed for the VCE curriculum.

Combination of both maximise individual care with uniform teaching practice and a united learning community.

Each lesson targets:

• Core Text content breakdown for each unit of study
• Key Essay writing skills for clear communication of ideas
• Development of sophisticated ESL expression
• Honing of one's unique writing
• Analytical ability to truly engage with material and independently critique writing.
• Exam planning and time management skills.

Ainos Educations provides:

• Workshop course material: of base VCE knowledge and essay writing skills
• Course materials designed at Ainos for KEY TEXTS: providing knowledge of texts and associated expressions.
• SAMPLE ESSAYS; to appraise, adopt ideas and aspire to.
• Continued appraisal of essay writing
• Record of one's progress and areas for improvement
• Lessons designed to overcome individual weaknesses
• Exam preparation workbooks

• Practise Exams

During the year students learn:

TERM 1 :
TERM 2 : Each term targets one area of exam: Language Analysis, Text Response and Context Essays.
TERM 3 :


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