Year 10 ESL

Course overview

Ainos Education Centre's English program offers a intensive program that aims not only to transfer the necessary tools of the trade but to cultivate an interest in the subject. In particular it establishes and consolidates essay writing skills , and the ability to critically engage in texts and other study material. For ESL students, effort is made to increase student's control of the English language, so that they may express their ideas with ease. Lessons are conducted an intimate group atmosphere to create a synergy effect among students who can learn from each other's successes and challenges. Small groups ensure students may ask questions and address areas that are challenging for them.

Each lesson targets:

• Key Essay writing skills for clear communication of ideas
• Establishing unique ideas with confidence
• Preparation of various modes of writing, necessary for later study.
• Development of clear and accurate expression.
• Cultivation of one's unique writing style
• Analytical ability to truly engage with material and independently critique writing.

Ainos Educations provides:

• Course materials designed at Ainos : within a purpose built curriculum to prepare for later study.
• SAMPLE ESSAYS; to appraise, adopt ideas and aspire to.
• Continued appraisal of essay writing
• Record of one's progress and areas for improvement

During the year students learn:

TERM 1 : Basic essay writing and essay expression skills workshop
TERM 2 : The text response essay: Short stories
TERM 3 : Context essays
TERM 4 : Texts in the media and Language Analysis.


Ainos Course